Email, on your terms

Delay emails to a time that suits you, so you can be more productive now.

  • postpone

    Postpone emails

    Don't worry about that email now. Give it a rain check and read it later while keeping your inbox clean.

  • reminders

    Make reminders

    Use Re:Email to remind yourself to do something later.

  • hack

    Hack your inbox

    Remember to check an online auction, get bording passes emailed to you at the gate… whatever else you can dream up.

Ready to try Re:Email?

How Re:Email works

  1. 1
    Compose an email just like you normally would, or you can forward an existing email to
  2. 2
    Add an instruction on the first line like this:
    # 30 seconds from now,
    # tomorrow,
    or # 7th July, 9am
  3. 3
    Send! Then keep an eye on your inbox. Frank will shoot that email back to you at whatever time you specified. Easy.

Try Re:Email. It's free.